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Welcome to Beard Branding.

We’ve never won an award for our work, and we’re damn proud of it.

When most agencies talk about doing “great work,” that’s code for “winning awards.”
They don’t care about your business goals. They just care about showing off for their peers.

I’m proud to say we’ve never won an award, because we’ve never submitted our work to any awards shows.
That’s not why we’re here. Our only goal is to help you build more crazy-strong relationships with your customers.

Because that’s why you hire a firm. Isn’t it?

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What is Lean Branding?

What is Lean Branding? Lean Branding is a radical new process that helps organizations build powerful, resilient brands with a drastically lower investment of time and money than traditional branding processes. It also offers less risk for the organization and the individuals in charge of the brand. Lean Branding applies Lean Startup and LeanUX principles […]

5 reasons why your Brand Guidelines suck.

If you aren’t sure what Brand Guidelines are, you can learn about them in this excellent article. It’s a very well-written, detailed, and absolutely factual example of why I hate today’s versions of Brand Guidelines. Brand Guidelines serve very important purposes. They provide essential creative direction to teams creating for brands. They foster agreement among […]

Lean Branding & LeanUX Bootcamp Fall Dates

The fall is going to be action packed, people! Will Evans and I will be holding 2-day Intro to LeanUX and Lean Branding Bootcamps all over the East Coast! Here are the dates we have listed so far. To see a full description of the workshop, just choose your city. You can now also choose to […]

What the ad industry doesn’t understand about Brand Guidelines

The advertising industry lies to itself all the time. One of my least-favorite lies we tell ourselves is a simple term: Brand Guidelines. “Guidelines.” Right. Anyone who has ever worked at an ad agency will tell you: They’re not guidelines. They’re rules. Huge documents full of what you can and can’t do when creating marketing materials for […]

There is no such thing as B2B marketing.

There is no such thing as B2B marketing. A company has never bought anything. People who work for companies buy goods and services for their company. B2B marketing is just B2C marketing where the consumer has adopted the priorities of their organization in addition to their own personal priorities. Some people love the companies they […]

A Web Without Words

The web is for words. Pictures and shapes can tell us a lot. They can direct us. But the primary means of communications for our species is language. Words. And yet, I find that when web-based companies are putting together product teams, copywriters are last on the list–if they plan to hire one at all. […]

Natural Disasters: How brands should handle social media during tragedies

Note: This post was originally published following the Boston Marathon bombing. It’s very emotional and personal, but it still gets the point across. To brands and companies and agencies: I don’t want to hear your excuses anymore. I don’t want to fucking hear them. There were a few brands who tweeted “insensitively” yesterday. McDonald’s had a […]

Coke makes an obesity joke

Coke’s solution to the obesity problem? Live like Grandpa did. It’s not terrible advice. Grandpa’s meals weren’t super-sized. He ate healthy snacks. He got some exercise, but probably because it was cheaper to ride a bike to work and money was tight. All that is true enough. But he also smoked 3 packs a day, […]

Pulling a Ryan Braun: How Not to Apologize

If you’re not a baseball fan, you probably don’t care that Milwaukee Brewers outfielder and former league MVP Ryan Braun was suspended for the remainder of the regular season for using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs), or steroids. This isn’t a blog post about baseball or my opinion as a huge sports fan (and believe me I have […]

TheLadders Blog Post: Unlimited, In Policy and Potential

Note: This post appeared on TheLadders Corporate Blog.   Let me try a phrase on you: Unlimited Vacation. That’s right. I said unlimited vacation. I’m sure you can’t wrap your brain around that. I couldn’t either, at first. But it’s true. When you work at TheLadders, you get unlimited vacation days. It’s a groundbreaking philosophy. […]

TheLadders Blog Post: Behind AMC’s “The Pitch,” with Conversation’s Frank O’Brien

Note: This blog post originally appeared on TheLadders blog. Frank O’Brien is the founder of Conversation, a “new traditional” ad agency based in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. Frank is used to big moments. He’s started his own agency, has made clutch pitches and won big-time clients. He even recently opened his own bar on New York’s Upper […]

The Reef

You have never heard of John Chatterton. Why would you? There are perhaps only about 200 or so individuals in the United States who regularly participate in the sport of deep water wreck diving. The reasons for this are many, from it being insanely dangerous—a handful of men die each year—to the decades of experience […]

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